The Guidance Gives us a Tour of the Small Desert Town of Carefree, AZ – Culture Collide

Culture Collide

The Guidance is the project of Stefan Pruett, who masterfully blends breezy soundscapes of cascading synth with contemporary, danceable beats. After meeting Crystal Castle’s Ethan Kath, Pruett was invited to join the band for a number of tour dates. Catch them tomorrow night at The Fonda in Los Angeles!

The Guidance’s track “Carefree” is named after the town of Arizona where he was born, so we thought it only fitting that he gave us a travel guide to the city. Stream “Carefree,” and read on to discover more about his small desert hometown.

How would you describe the current music scene in your city?

 Somewhere between an Internet cafe that plays nothing but K Pop and a dive bar that plays the theme to King of the Hill on repeat.

What three words would you use to describe the city? Tons of desert.

Who are some of your favorite artists to come out of the city? Any bro who carries an acoustic guitar around at parties trying to get chicks. Also, Frank Lloyd Wright and the guy who did that terrible cover of Hey Ya by Outkast with an acoustic guitar

Best restaurant in your neighborhood? Sesame Inn or Red Thai.

Best coffee in town? I’m not James Murphy.

Favorite locally brewed beers/ distilled spirits? I don’t drink locally but when I do I drink Maynard’s wine out of solidarity. Solidarity 4eva, Maynard (expecting sponsorship).

While touring, what is the one thing you miss most about home? Pavement during the summer, psychedelic salsa bars, the general expectation of political turmoil in the state government but most of all trying to find Brett Michaels at the local grocery store. Oh yeah, and Sheriff Joe poolside.

How has the city informed your music? It made me think about what building a desert is like. Pretty sure I know what Noah went through building an Arc because building a desert is super tiring.

What are some underrated buildings or landmarks you love? Anything made by Frank Lloyd Wright. And the fake cacti that are just cameras for cops or cell phone towers.

Favorite place to catch a show? There’s this place called the Wagon Wheel. Their egg duet breakfast gets a hell of a response.

Favorite record store? My dad’s collection. Or any record store that will let me hang out in the electro section while playing EDM top 40 remixes on my phone until they close.

Photography: Courtesy of the artist; Kevin Dooley / Flickr